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About Us

Sneaker Ball – A theme that has been very popular amongst Southern and Midwest States, is now making its way to Detroit, MI.


Think Wedding Reception minus the Bride and Groom. After 5 + Charity + Fly Kicks + Good Food, Drinks and Vibes…

On the evening of August 6th, 2022, guests will come dressed in their formal attire with a bit of a twist – SNEAKERS (Gym-shoes as we call them in the D) instead of their typical formal footwear. The Detroit Sneaker Ball will be a celebration of life, art, culture, empowerment and Hip Hop.

Why Sneakers? Not only is the sneaker ball a celebration of art and culture, but it aims to bring cognizance to disadvantaged youth and communities of color and a resource to alleviate some of the annual stress growing clothing costs cause.

Click here to view the various good causes.

Guests also can provide direct monetary donations via HERE.

Sooo grab some fly kicks, a fly dress/suit and come set this EPIC Swag Surf off with us!🌊  


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